Ruan Sinclair – Teacher at Two Boats School

Ruan is the Middle One class teacher and teaches years 3 and 4 (children aged 7-9 years) at Two Boats School. She has been teaching on Ascension since early 2014.

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What’s the best thing about your job?
Teaching is the best job in the world – spending everyday with enquiring minds as well as being able to spend a lesson working with money then the next learning about magnets and the next creating paintings in the style of Picasso makes every day different and keeps me and the children I work with on our toes! My day is never dull as a teacher. Especially so on Ascension, as when I leave school I seldom need to take a large amount of work home with me, so I can spend my outside of school time diving, walking, relaxing or volunteering with the Heritage Society.

What are you proudest of achieving in your job?
There is the mix of helping a child create the “yes! I can do it” moment and writing those lessons which make the children say “that was really fun Miss Sinclair”. When the children enjoy their learning, I am very happy!
There is also the time when, for Ascension’s Bicentenary in October 2015, I was able to put together an exhibition in which all the Primary School children took part. The children spent time learning about different aspects of Ascension’s history and showed their learning through pictures, models, drama and writing which was then displayed in Fort Hayes for everyone on the island to see. This is one of my proudest moments in my teaching career so far, because I had never organised something like that before and for it to be such a success and for the children to have really enjoyed the time they spent learning and then so excited to show it all to their families, was just great.

What are the challenges of your job?
I am an organised individual so I like to plan ahead, which is a key skill needed for working here. School resources need to arrive by ship from the UK which isn’t always regular and subject to changes. We need to think about the new school year in March in order to get our exercise books etc. here in time. Even then, it doesn’t always happen.

What do you like about living and working on Ascension?
I love the life here – it is relaxed and there is a real sense of community. Everyone helps and looks out for everyone else. The opportunities that Ascension provides are amazing – snorkelling, diving, walks, wildlife, history… and the chance to travel to St. Helena, South Africa and the Falklands. I love that everyone waves and that you can leave your home unlocked and the car keys in the ignition. I like that you get to know so many people so quickly here.
The island is what you make of it – it is up to you to get involved in what is going on and to get exploring.