Common questions about working for AIG

What are the benefits of working for AIG?
Benefits include 30 days annual leave, flights on initial appointment and completion of contract as well as one mid-tour flight for the employee and any dependents.
You will receive rent-free accommodation (with water and electricity allowances) and a food allowance.
A gratuity (bonus), worth up to two months’ salary, is paid at the end of each completed contract.
Normal working hours are 8-4.30 and you won’t face a stressful commute to work!

Where will I be based?
Ascension is a small island with a tiny ‘capital’, Georgetown, on the coast and a settlement, Two Boats, further inland. Most AIG employees work in Georgetown, where the Government offices are based. Your accommodation may be in Georgetown or Two Boats. The school is located in Two Boats.

Will I get a relocation allowance?
You will receive a baggage and freight allowance – this varies depending on the number of people within your immediate family. Flights to and from Ascension at the beginning and end of your contract will also be provided.

Will I need a Criminal Records Check?
All roles that bring you into contact with children and young people will require a Criminal Records Check. The HR team will send you the necessary information to obtain the relevant check.

What pre-employment checks will be carried out?
All appointments are subject to satisfactory employment references and medical clearance from the Ascension Island Government Senior Medical Officer. When a job offer has been made you will receive detailed guidance about how to get medical clearance.

Will my family be entitled to accompany me?
Every contract has a status attached to it – either single, household or accompanied. Only accompanied status contracts allow you to bring your immediate family out with you. If you are employed on a single status contract your family would of course be entitled to apply to visit on a tourist entry permit, should you wish to have them visit.

What sort of medical and dental cover will I get?
Although medical resources on Ascension are limited, you will receive full medical care whilst you are here. There are two doctors, a midwife and several nursing staff. There is a well equipped dental clinic which provides all routine treatment. All medical and dental care is provided free of charge.

Is there a school?
There is one school on Ascension, located in Two Boats village. The school provides free education to all children living on island between the ages of 3 and 16 years. You can find more information about Two Boats School here.