Information for Aviators

Wideawake Airfield (FHAW) is a military airfield operated jointly by the USAF and the RAF. For information relating to airfield operations please contact AIB Operations at

Under the terms of an international agreement between the UK and US governments, only state aircraft (e.g. military and diplomatic flights) are authorized to land at Ascension. For state aircraft, applications should be made through military/diplomatic channels to the UK and US governments in parallel.

As an exception to this general rule, Wideawake Airfield is open for domestic commercial air services between Ascension and St. Helena. It is closed to all other commercial and privately owned aircraft except in emergency situations.

If you are an airline operator flying to St Helena, wishing to nominate Ascension’s Wideawake Airfield as an alternative diversion point, please contact Gwyneth Howell, Head of Operations, St Helena Airport on for details on the required process.

The US Air Force has agreed its airfields may be identified as ETOPS emergency landing sites for flight planning purposes. This is consistent with the policy that an aircraft can land at any US Air Force airfield if the pilot determines there is an inflight emergency that would make continued flight unsafe. However, we also understand there are published criteria for ETOPS airfields and our policy concerning emergency use is not agreement or certification that Air Force airfields meet those criteria.

Ascension Island is a remote location with resources (accommodations, medical, hangars, crash/fire/rescue, etc) limited to levels essential for support of assigned personnel and the military mission. The airfield is available “as is” for emergency use only as indicated above. Whilst FHAW may be declared as an alternate for ETOPS flight planning purposes, it cannot be used as a weather alternate, except for flights departing from or destined for St Helena.

Military requirements will always take priority. Fuel is subject to availability and only Avtur (Jet A1) is available – no Avgas is available. Facilities and support services are limited. Any crew or passengers wishing to tour the island during their stopover will require an entry permit from the Ascension Island Government.

Please address any enquiries to