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Local Community

Duke Of Kent Visit 2012
We are fortunate to live and work within a very supportive community. The main Employing Organisations support the school in a number of ways through the year.

Global Community

We’re always eager to forge links with schools around the World. We are currently developing links with:

We would be very interested in hearing from schools who run the same GCSE courses as us to allow our small Year 10 and 11 classes to interact with a wider group of people following the same course.


Visiting AscensionAscension Collage

It is possible to visit Ascension for a field trip with a small/medium sized group of students.

Flights are on an MOD charter from RAF Brize Norton (www.ascension-flights.com) and the Obsidian Hotel (www.obsidian.co.ac) has a number of different options for accommodation.

We can provide a classroom (with a view of Darwin’s Green Mountain!) and opportunities for sporting and/or cultural activities with our students.

If you are interested please contact us (enquiries@tbschool.edu.ac).