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Environmental Research Permit

Ascension Island has a rich history of scientific exploration, and Ascension Island Government (AIG) is committed to supporting research that informs local environmental decision making, enhances our understanding of the Island’s natural and physical environments, and which contributes to broader environmental research objectives. With interest in Ascension Island as a venue for scientific research increasing, AIG is also determined that research should be conducted within a coordinated framework that prevents duplication, minimises environmental impact, and ensures that the knowledge generated is captured for the benefit of the Island, its people and its wildlife. The Environmental Research Permitting Scheme aims to provide such a framework.


In order to conduct research on Ascension Island, you are required to fill out a permit application form for approval by the Conservation Office and/or the Administrator prior to applying for a Business Entry Permit.


The research permit form can be downloaded can be downloaded here and returned via email to: conservationenquiries@ascension.gov.ac Please also take the time to read: Ascension Island Environmental Research Permitting – A Guide for Researchers that outlines the process for applying for an Environmental Research Permit, as well as advice on some practical aspects of conducting scientific research on Ascension Island. In addition you may also want to read AIG Data Management Policy. Recently enacted legislation, the Control of Trade in Endangered Species 2015 makes new provisions for the regulation of trade in endangered species – our CITES compliant Import/ Export form will follow shortly. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries.


Research Permit