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Raising Ascension’s New Flag

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Come and see history being made. Ascension Island’s flag will be raised for the very first time on Saturday 11 May on the Flag Pole outside the AIG Administration Building.

The event will precede the Ascension Day Fair and will start at 1015am. A few long-serving members of the Island’s community will have the honour to raise the flag in a short and historic ceremony.

The British Government will raise the Ascension Flag on 13 May over the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on Whitehall, and again at the Queen’s Birthday Parade on 8 June.

All members of the public are welcome to attend. Saturday 11 May, 1015am, Administration Building.

New MUGA Opening Day

MUGA Opening Day A Great Success

Ascension’s community turned out in high spirits at Two Boats Club on Saturday 20th April, all wanting to witness the opening and some to take part in the first sporting events held at the new Multi Use Games Area, or MUGA.  The MUGA was initiated by the Island Councillors in the hopes of creating a more useful facility for the community on the site of an old tennis court.


As its name suggests, the MUGA can be used for a variety of sports rather than just tennis as was the case with the old facility.  Basket Ball, Net Ball, Football, Cricket, Hockey, Tennis, Volley Ball & Hand Ball are among the sports that can be enjoyed within the new MUGA, so there is plenty of opportunity for all members of the community to get involved in one sport or another.

The MUGA was officially opened by HH The Administrator, Colin Wells, with Korben Minto being awarded the honour of cutting the ribbon – he was selected for this duty as he was wearing a T-Shirt bearing an “AIG” logo, very clever Korben!  The opening ceremony was followed by a feast of delicious treats for the crowd provided by Mrs Delphia Leo and staff of Two Boats Club, and several glasses of bubbly were also floating around to mark the occasion.

An afternoon of competitive action then ensued – starting with the children’s 5-A-Side football knock-out, and followed by the fiercely contested adults matches – even the ladies got involved in a Women’s match up.

The RAF lads and lady were the victors of the afternoon, and were awarded a case of beer to celebrate their win.

All in all, an enjoyable afternoon was had by those who attended – spectators and participants alike.  It is hoped that Ascension’s community will continue to enjoy the benefits of the new MUGA.

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EDF10 Roads Update April 2013

Hogan’s Bypass Update: Surface Dressing

What is Surface Dressing; Surface Dressing is the application of a “glue” (Bitumen/Tar) and then applying a layer of stone chippings, this process can be repeated several times to achieve individual design requirements.

The process of surface dressing seals the road against water penetration – the root cause of pot holing, improves skid resistance and extends the life of road networks. This method only works on decent sections of road to protect and extend design life, inevitably some roads are just too badly damaged and the process of complete reconstruction has to be adopted – it is envisaged very little surface dressing will be carried out on this project.

Over the last two weeks the EDF10 Roads Team have carried out surface dressing from the junction at Hogan’s Bypass to birdies garage, approximately 1000m of carriageway, this section has received 2 coats of tar and chippings to protect the existing road and also improve the existing thickness of the road.

The section beyond Birdies has received just 1 coat of tar and chippings as we are awaiting further bitumen tar to arrive on the next RMS on the 8th May, the supplier has not been able to accommodate our full order due to existing manufacturing commitments, however, this will be enough to complete Phase 1 & 2 of the EDF10 Project. Upon arrival of this additional tar we will continue from Birdies towards the junction at English Bay and apply a final coat of tar and chippings to the carriageway. We will then carry out the works to the English Bay junction using the same process of surface dressing.

Whilst we await the arrival of the remaining tar, the completed road will be assessed to ensure that the correct embedment depth of the chippings has occurred prior to sweeping and then carrying out the associated line marking. It is important that the road is trafficked to assist with embedding the chippings into the existing road surface, this can only be achieved with good results if vehicles are driving at reduced speeds of 20mph, avoid braking and steering sharply and don’t overtake, this also protects the road in the early stages of the curing process.

It has been noticed on several occasions that some vehicles continue to speed on this section of road; please can I remind all drivers that whilst we are operating on the road, for the safety of the roads team, the safety of yourselves and to protect the newly laid
surface that you stick to 20mph on the loose surface. Persistent speeding will only cause existing traffic management procedures to be reviewed, which may result in closing certain sections of the road.

If you have any concerns regarding the roads project please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards
Ed Haynes
Project Manager (External Discrete Works & Development Funds)
Ascension Island Government
T: +(247) 6572

First Ever Ascension Flag to Fly

Ascension Island Flag
His Excellency Mark Capes, Governor of St Helena, Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha, has warmly welcomed Royal approval of the design of the first ever flag of Ascension Island, saying:

I am delighted to announce that Her Majesty The Queen has graciously approved the design of the first ever flag for Ascension Island, part of the British Overseas Territory of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha.  Ascension Island now has its own flag, which it will fly with pride.

“The residents on Ascension Island will raise their flag for the first time during a ceremony on Saturday 11 May 2013, when the Island will celebrate Ascension Day, after which the Island was named in 1503.”  

The flag, as for other Overseas Territories, is the Blue Ensign adorned with the Coat of Arms for Ascension Island (see attached picture).  Ascension’s Coat of Arms, which was approved by Her Majesty in May 2012, shows important symbols from the Territory, including a shield emblazoned with the Green Mountain that dominates the skyline, together with three Wideawake Birds, secured by two Green Turtles.

Both the design of the Coat of Arms and the flag emerged from an extensive public consultation exercise on Ascension.

Ascension Island has previously flown the Union Flag on Island and on state occasions.