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Two Boats School: Good with Outstanding Features – Officially

Provision at Two Boats School is at least good in all areas, with many excellent features. These are the findings of School Inspection Service, one of the contractors licensed by Ofsted to conduct inspections of British schools overseas.

The most important findings are:

  • Two Boats School is highly successful in meeting its aims
  • It provides a good education for its pupils, making use of its stimulating location
  • Commitment by staff to the interests and education of the pupils is paramount
  • Pupils’ behaviour is excellent
  • No teaching is less than good and a third of that observed was outstanding
  • The curriculum is good, and is broad and balanced
  • Pupils make good progress
  • Social and moral development of the pupils is excellent and their cultural and spiritual development is good
  • The school puts great emphasis on communication with parents
  • The school is very well led and managed
  • The school is well resourced
  • The school is successful in achieving high standards of performance
  • Strong emphasis is placed on safeguarding
  • Attention to the welfare, health and safety of pupils is excellent.

Following the very successful inspection last term, the UK Department for Education has confirmed British Schools Overseas status for Two Boats School and recognised that it complies with the required standards.  The school has also now been upgraded to Accredited Member status of the Council of British International Schools (COBIS). Two Boats is the only school in the South Atlantic to achieve these distinctions.

Headteacher, Mr David Blunt, welcomed the inspection findings; “Thank you again and congratulations to all the staff and pupils on this truly excellent report.  It is really good reading and presents a very fair picture of the school.  Thanks also to parents and Ascension Island Government colleagues for their support before and during the inspection process and continued commitment to the work of the school.”

 HH the Administrator Mr Marc Holland wrote to the Headteacher saying, “I would like to thank you and your team for the effort you put in over a number of months preparing for the inspection. The outcome of the review is a fantastic result for the school, the staff and the island. You should all be very proud.”

Cllr Cyril Leo, considering the report at the Island Council meeting on 5th February, said, “Congratulations (on the report) to you and your staff and I hope that it has brought reassurance to members of the public and parents of the good job that you are doing at the school”. Cllr Caroline Yon, Chair of the School Governor’s Committee, wished to pass on congratulations on behalf of the SGC to all of the staff and pupils at the school for their dedication and effort in achieving such excellent results.

Read the full report here.

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Please be advised that the Ascension Island Government’s email system ( will not be working from 4pm on Friday 23 January, with normal service returning on Monday morning, 26th January. This is to allow a server upgrade to take place. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Administrator visits St Helena

Mark Capes and Marc HollandSt Helena control towerMarc Holland runway St Helena






The recent shuttle of the RMS St Helena provided the perfect opportunity for the Administrator, Marc Holland, to make his first visit to St Helena.  Although the visit was brief it enabled the Administrator to meet with key players in the St Helena Government (SHG), including the Governor, Chief Secretary, Financial Secretary and the Attorney General.

While on St Helena, the Administrator had important discussions about the airport project and talked to many people about the impact on St Helena as well as on Ascension.  One of the main issues was how to ensure a viable transport link could be created with Ascension. 

One of the highlights of Mr Holland’s trip was a visit to the airport site.   The 1950m runway was taking shape – the heavy construction phase was over and they had started laying the concrete sections of the runway. Work had just started on fitting out the ATC tower & Terminal building.

The Governor hosted a lovely meal at Plantation House. Guests included Cllr Lawson Henry, the Attorney General, the Bishop and some visiting yachties.



Jacqui Ellick takes oath of office

Jacqui Ellick Takes Oath of Office photo

Ascension Island’s newest member of the Ascension Island Council, Mrs Jacqui Ellick, was officially sworn in on Thursday, 15 January 2015.

Following a by-election on 18 November, Councillor Ellick was elected to Council by a majority of 69 votes to 49 votes.Councillor Ellick’s appointment brings the number of elected members to seven and fills the vacant seat left by Toni Bendall following her resignation on 31 July 2014.

Councillor Ellick is one of Ascension Island’s longest residents and is an active member of the Community.  She is currently one of the island’s longest serving JPs and also serves as Chairman of the Islander newspaper.Councillor Ellick has been actively involved in Ascension Island’s Turtle programme over many years and this year is heading the Turtle Intern Programme in conjunction with the Conservation Office.

Ascension Island Government

15 January 2015

Child Protection – Lucy Faithfull Report

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Message from The Administrator


The governments of St Helena and Ascension Island recognise their responsibility to protect the vulnerable in society, especially children. Following the improvements that flowed from the ‘Safeguarding Children in the Overseas Territories Programme’, work has continued to strengthen the child protection framework on both Islands, including raising awareness of the need to safeguard children from sexual or physical abuse. As a result, in the past few years several offenders have been detected, prosecuted and awarded custodial sentences.

To help assess progress and identify areas for improvement, two representatives of the independent Lucy Faithfull Foundation (LFF), a UK based charity dedicated to preventing the sexual abuse of children (, visited St Helena and Ascension earlier this year. A summary of the report of their visit is available below. As the substantive report contains data that could identify individual child protection cases, it will be available only to officials involved in child protection work. While the report recognises the progress made, it points to areas where more remains to be done. The recent strengthening of the Police and Social Services Department on St Helena will help take forward this important work.

In relation to Ascension Island, the reviewers have welcomed initiatives like the Child Helpline and the introduction of a Counseling Service at the school, as steps in the right direction, but question their effectiveness to date.  They welcomed the “Children in Bars” legislation. But, they have drawn attention to the degree of distrust between parents and Government institutions. In addition, they note that the working nature of Ascension may inhibit victims of sexual and domestic abuse from coming forward – out of a perceived fear of the impact it might have on their employment and entry control status or that of their family members. The Reviewers fear this may mask the true extent of this behavior on Ascension and recommend an education campaign to raise awareness in all parts of the community about the impact of sexual and domestic abuse on the victims, families, communities and even those who perpetrate it.

I welcome this report and believe more needs to be done to address both sexual and domestic abuse on Ascension. I look forward to working with the new Council, voluntary groups, employers and professionals from all parts of Ascension society to take this forward. The aim must be to stop abuse from happening but where it does, for victims to believe they can come forward and receive the support they need without fear of repercussion.

Colin Wells
14th October 2013

Lucy Faithfull Foundation – Report Summary
Lucy Faithfull report

Next Administrator for Ascension Announced

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Message from the Administrator

Marc Holland to be next Administrator of Ascension Island


I am delighted to be able to inform you that His Excellency Mark Capes, Governor of Ascension, has appointed Mr Marc Holland as the 19th Administrator of Ascension Island. Marc, who is 39 and a member of HM Diplomatic Service, will replace me in October 2014.

Marc has kindly sent us an introduction to himself and his family.

“I joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in 2002 and have worked at the UK Representation to the European Union in Brussels (negotiating EU social & employment legislation on behalf of the UK) and at the British Embassy in Berlin, where I worked on EU, agricultural and employment issues. I am currently Deputy Head of the Future of Europe Department in London. Before joining the FCO, I worked as a management consultant and briefly for Department of Trade & Industry. I also worked in local government, where I was responsible for school place planning for a London borough.

New AdministratorI met my wife Rachel at Oxford University and we married 7 years later. We both studied German, she also Portuguese and I, history. She has worked in publishing, website content management and for an oil multinational. Recently she qualified as a primary school teacher. We have four children – Annoushka (11), Jemima (9), Luca (7) and Noah (18 months). They will all be coming with us to Ascension and look forward to attending Two Boats School and getting involved in island life. As a family we especially enjoy walking and swimming in our free time and we hope to continue doing these as well as trying out some new skills and hobbies during our time on Ascension.

We are all thrilled to be coming to Ascension. We look forward to taking full part in the community and sharing
with you the unique experience of living and working in such a fascinating place.”

I hope Marc will visit Ascension early next year and in the process meet as many of you as possible. I know he is keen to do so.

Colin Wells
9th October 2013

Notice of Council Meeting & Agenda

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Notice of council meeting 30 september

Formal meeting of the Ascension Island Council
Date: Monday, 30th September 2013
Venue: Court House
Time: 09:00hrs


  1. Introductory Remarks
  2. Confirmation of Minutes:
    (i) Ascension Island Council Meeting, 8 August 2013
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Legislation:
    (i) The Ascension Island Supplementary Appropriation Ordinance 2013(ii) Customs (Arriving and Departing Ships)(Amendment)(No 2) Regulations 2013
    (iii) Control of Alcohol and Access to Bars (Children and Young Persons) Ordinance, 2013: Application Form for an Extended Hours Permit
  5. Policy Papers:
    (i) Enhancing Council Business
    (ii) Post-16 Education Policy
  6. Safeguarding Children issues
  7. Any Other Business


Ascension Island Council – General Election

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Message from His Excellency Mark Capes, Governor of Ascension Island

Ascension Island General Election – 31 October 2013

Governor Mark CapesI would like to inform the community on Ascension that I intend to dissolve the Ascension Island Council on 2 October and to instruct that elections for a new Council are held on 31 October 2013.

My grateful thanks to the five members of the outgoing Council for their hard work and their commitment to the Ascension community over their term of office since March 2011. They have dealt with some difficult issues including the financial crisis that beset Ascension prior to 2011. The Island’s relative financial stability since then is largely a result of the difficult choices and decisions they made.

Your Councillors provided effective scrutiny of the Administrator and AIG policies and programmes. They have also represented Ascension at international gatherings including the Overseas Territories Joint Ministerial Council. Councillors Kitty George, Cathy Cranfield, Toni Bendall, Neil Lawrence and Cyril Leo deserve our thanks.

I am dissolving Council at this point primarily because I judge it important that the process
of developing the next annual budget for AIG should to be taken forward and owned by a
new Council.

I look forward to a well managed election on 31 October with a high turnout by voters. This
is your opportunity to have your say and I encourage you to consider standing as a

Mark Capes
23 September 2013


Congratulations are extended to Rosie Dunn who was the lucky winner of a trip for two to Ascension Island!

Rosie won this once in a lifetime holiday through Ascension Island Tourism’s Frigate Bird First Day Cover competition – all purchases of the £5 First Day Cover were entered into a prize draw which took place at the Birdfair 2013 event at Rutland, UK on Sunday 18th August.

Competition Poster


Thanks to everyone who took part in the competition, and Rosie, we look forward to seeing you on Ascension soon!