ASC Centenary of The Great War 1914 – Mint Set

Ascension Island Government » Post Office Shop » Ascension Island » 2014 » ASC Centenary of The Great War 1914 - Mint Set

Stamp Size: 48.26 x 27mm

Sheet Layout: 10 

Release date: 4th August 2014

For this Centenary issue, the Post Office has chosen to depict the Scarlet Corn Poppy (papaver rhoeas) which has a long association with World War I and Remembrance Day generally.

Each of the four stamps with values of 50p, 55p, 60p and £1.60p depicts a different image of the red poppy in growth, and unusually bears a specically produced logo which contains the shape of Ascension Island as a poppy within a circle which declares "Centenary of Great War 1914".

Price: £3.35

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