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ASC RMS ST Helena – Mint Set

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For Ascension, the RMS has had a practical purpose. It’s been the lifeline for the civilian population. It’s how the employers got their workforce to their place of work. It’s how the shops got their fresh food. It’s how people sent their things, whether gifts for the family or their life’s possessions home.

For many Saints, wherever life took you, all paths converged on the RMS. The RMS was the bridge over which anyone wanting to get to or from St Helena must pass. For many Saints, it signified going home or the start of a holiday. But it was more than that. If you were leaving home in search of riches or love abroad; if you were getting married and going on honeymoon; if you were taking a new baby to see its grandmother or accompanying a loved one to get urgent medical attention, you would travel on the RMS.

For Saints, the RMS had great emotional significance and will never be forgotten!

Stamps Size: 42 x 28mm

Layout: 10

Release Date: 08th October 2018

Price: £3.70

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