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Ascension Island has the second largest nesting population of the green turtle in the entire Atlantic Ocean and the largest nesting population of any marine turtle species in all of the UK Overseas Territories. The long-term population monitoring programme on Ascension shows that since 1977 numbers of nests on Long Beach have increased exponentially from around 1,000 to almost 10,000. This is an encouraging trend indeed, and charts the recovery of the green turtle population following the cessation of harvesting for meat in the 1930s.

The use of satellite-telemetry tags has allowed for the movements of green turtles to be monitored in real-time with GPS signals of their location broadcast to a satellite each time they surface to breathe. It has been established that the green turtles nesting on Ascension migrate from their feeding-grounds off the coast of Brazil every 3-4 years to lay their eggs – a journey that takes approximately 5 - 6 weeks.


Release Date: 05th December 2018

Stamp Size: 42 x 28mm

Sheet Layout: 20 (2 x 10 se-tenant pairs)

Price: £3.40

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