Island Council

The Ascension Island Council is an elected body that provides advice to the Administrator on matters relating to the governance of Ascension Island. As a result of changes in the constitutional arrangements for Ascension Island, the first Island Council of seven members was elected and took office on 1 November 2002.

Current councillors are Samantha Arms-Lawrence, Caroline Yon, Jacqui Ellick, Kitty George, Cyril Leo, Nicholas John and Larry Poultney.

Councillor GeorgeCouncillor Kitty George

Kitty was born on St Helena Island in 1970 and lived there until she moved to Ascension in 1990. This is her third term on the Ascension Island Council. She represented the Council at the JMC (then OTCC) in London in December 2011. Kitty is currently working as Shipping Agent with Ascension Island Government. She has two adult sons.

Larry PoultneyCouncillor Larry Poultney

Larry has lived on Ascension since 2006 and is currently the Airhead Operations Manager and Chief Engineer for Interserve. He was born and raised in Helston in Cornwall, UK. At the age of 15 he enlisted into the Army’s Apprentice School system and continued his education alongside an apprenticeship. At the age of 18 Larry graduated as a fully trained Aircraft Technician and for the majority of his military career served within Army Aviation in Helicopters, eventually retiring after a full career and attaining the rank of Warrant Officer Class 1. After leaving the Military Larry worked in the civil aviation world, including for companies holding contracts with the military in the UK and Middle East, primarily within the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm.

Councillor Leo Councillor Cyril Leo

Councillor Arms-Lawrence Councillor Samantha Arms-Lawrence


Councillor Caroline Yon

Caroline (Caz) has been on Ascension Island since the early nineties. She has a background in Radio and Telecommunications and initially came here on a secondment with CSO (part of GCHQ). In 1995 she was offered a post at the European Space Agency Telemetry Tracking Station where she continues as the Station Manager to this day. Caz was elected to the very first Island Council in 2002 and re-elected in 2005. She decided to stand again for election last year, was successful and is back on the Island Council with Chairmanship of the Biodiversity and Fisheries Committee. Caz also represented the Council at the JMC in London in December 2014. She has been a Magistrate for 13 years, and a Lay Advocate for the past five years. Caz is married with one daughter.

The Island Council invites the public to express their views on proposed legislation. Please be assured that submissions made through the website will be received by Councillors anonymously. You can contact the Councillors with your views on the draft legislation detailed below by clicking on their pictures or by using the contact form at the bottom of this page. This form can also be used to contact Councillors with your views or comments on any other issues as appropriate.







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