Flights to St Helena & South Africa

Ascension Island Government is pleased to announce the inter-island air service between Ascension Island, St Helena and South Africa will commence on Saturday 19 November 2017.

Airlink will operate a monthly charter air service between the two islands, allowing onward travel to Johannesburg or Cape Town.

The Travel & Shipping office manage all booking requests for this service.  For more information, please click here

Flights to the United Kingdom & Falkland Islands

South Atlantic Airbridge flights via Ascension Island are currently suspended due to air safety reasons.   AIG do not expect South Atlantic Airbridge flights using RAF Voyager aircraft to resume until 2020/21 at the earliest.  

The Ministry of Defence and Foreign and Commonwealth Office are working to identify alternative travel arrangements for essential personnel living and working on Ascension Island.

Travel between the UK and Falkland Islands is unaffected as the Airbridge is being routed through Cape Verde.