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The Administrator


The Administrator of Ascension Island is Her Honour Justine Allan. Justine was sworn in as the 22nd  Administrator of Ascension Island on 26 March 2018 and is the first female to take up this role.  As Administrator, she is at the same time Her Majesty’s Representative, the Governor’s Representative and the UK Government’s Senior Representative on Ascension Island.  She is also the Head of the Ascension Island Government and Chairperson (in the Governor’s absence) of the Ascension Island Council.  The Administrator is responsible for providing the governance platform for the major ‘users’ of Ascension Island.  These are the US Air Force, UK Ministry of Defence, CSO, BBC and Sure South Atlantic.

Justine is a career diplomat with the United Kingdom’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO).  Before this role she was Deputy Head of the FCO’s Sanctions Policy Unit from 2015 to 2017. She has worked on secondment to the UK’s Trade and Investment Department (now the Department for International Trade) where she was Head of Strategic Relations. In this role, Justine worked with overseas institutional investors in Infrastructure, securing just under £1billion of new investment. For this work, she was shortlisted for the Commercial Civil Service Award in 2012. 

During her career, Justine worked in Iraq, where she was responsible for improving and expanding up the UK compounds at the Palace and Air Station sites in Basra. This included establishing close working relationships with both the UK and US military, who were stationed in adjoining compounds.